Full film/ sequence analysis

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The film is setup in North Carthage in Missouri, a place that has been plagued by recession (Rothman 6).
Mystery is the genre portrayed in the film to a large extent. At the launch, the movie seems ordinary. Amy is described as a lovely young woman who has disappeared, and Nick becomes the primary suspect. Nick is described as a murderer who was already out of patience, and failed to draw a proper plan, for which case Amys disappearance can be traced back to him (Rothman 6).
However, the twist is developed in the movie as a mystery is uncovered. Amys death is turned around, and shes proven to be alive. The first mystery case creates a wonder and an audience inquiry into the reasons for her faked death. Curiosity centers on the possible planner of all that and the motives for doing that.
The revelation of Amy as the mastermind behind her fake death and an attempt to frame Nick points at another mystery. The real girl nature earlier depicted in the movie as Amys character is twisted as the figure is replaced with a weird, vengeance-steeped and very difficult to comprehend the character (Rothman 6).
Unexpected scenarios and buildup of events define the convention of mystery in Gone Girl. The twists in the film, however, push it beyond the box of mystery to drama and crime that engages the film in high gear.
Though Gone Girl is not an average every time story teller in the first voice, Nick and Amy are depicted as the films story tellers (Rothman 5). There is a twofer as not only Nicks experiences are narrated, but revelations into Amys endeavors are made. Nicks innocence and side of the story are revealed through his interaction with the investigating authorities and constant claim for innocence. The audiences are let into Amys narration majorly through her diary. Taking vengeance to the level of frame for murder by Amy is partially made understandable through her agony as depicted in the diary