From Ulrich Beck We Are Living In A World Risk Society Not Only In The Sense That Everything Is Being Transformed

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from Ulrich Beck We are living in a world risk society not only in the sense that everything is being transformed

into decisions whose consequences are unforeseeable or introduction in the sense of risk-management societies or risk-discourse societies. Risk society means precisely a constellation in which the idea of the controllability of decision-based side effects and dangers which is guiding for modernity has become questionable. Thus it is a constellation in which new knowledge serves to transform unpredictable risks into calculable risks, but in the process it gives rise to new unpredictabilities, forcing us to reflect upon risks, as this book again shows. Through this ‘reflexivity of uncertainty’, the interminability of risk in the present is for the first time becoming fundamental for society as a whole, which is why we have to overhaul our concept of society and the conceptual apparatus of social science. (pp.14-15)

Describe central differences between Beck and enlightenment thinkers like Condorcet, Kant, or Turgot and Franklin. Specifically the most important differences in the enlightenment thinker’s and Beck’s understanding of the interplay between science, technology, society and the question of progress