From an environmental perspective discuss the relationship between Logistics Operations and the Environment in International Manufacturing Organisations

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The third bottom line is the planet account which is the measure of how responsible the company has been to the environment. Therefore, the triple bottom line consists of profit, planet and people. This is used to measure the financial, social and environmental accomplishments of the company over a specified period. A company that does this is taking into full account the total cost of the operations. These may also be referred to as the three pillars of business (Avella et al, 2010).The basis of this concept is the fact that what a company measures is what the company is likely to direct its attention towards. When the companies measure their social and environmental impacts, they will pay attention to these effects. This is arguably the only way the community will have socially and environmentally responsible organizations.The three pillars of business include the customers, systems and teamwork. Customers are a core aspect considered in the prosperity of a business. They provide the cash flow that sustains businesses. The organization must aim to succeed with its customers so as to succeed as a whole. The motivation of the organisation is to provide the customer with what they want in order to fulfil their needs and perceptions. A good team is created through synergy that is created through trust and working closely together. The executive team in charge should be able to rely on each person in the team. The team members should know their job specifications and fulfil them as expected. The team members should also receive appropriate training following their employment in the organizations on what is expected of them so as to improve efficacy in their work performance. A business should also create specific set ways of doing things and carrying out certain activities which include computer technology, communication and networks. This reduces the time it takes for procedures to be executed. Set