French System and the Modern Diplomacy

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The French political system and modern diplomacy History of the French political system s back centuries ago. It stands out as the best in Europe. Form of diplomacy that was adopted by the French political system was unique. Ideas of French diplomacy were adopted during the renaissance period. These diplomatic ideas shaped French diplomatic processes. Diplomacy refers to peaceful ways of settling disputes between conflicting parties. Diplomacy procedures, standards, and protocols have changed over time because of the changing nature of world’s political system. As times changed, so did the policies and agendas of diplomacy and expertise. Contemporary or modern diplomacy uses standards and procedures that can effectively avert contemporary issues. This paper seeks to analyze, compare and highlight the origin and characteristics of the French political system from the times of Napoleon to 21st century, and demonstrate how modern diplomacy developed. In addition, this paper will discuss Machiavellian views of diplomacy, it uses in the French political system and its relation to the current world diplomacy. Further, this paper will elaborate the differences between French diplomacy and the 21st century diplomacy. Paper outline1. Introductiona. Definition of diplomacyb. Origin of French diplomacy 2. Contributions of Machiavelli to French diplomacya. Uses of Machiavellian diplomacy b. Machiavelli and modern diplomacy 3. Early diplomacies in Francea. Sultan of ottoman empire4. Characteristics of French diplomacya. Ceremonial b. Precedence schemec. Professionalism 5. Weakness of the French diplomacy a. Secrecy b. Loss of contact with the ministry 6. French diplomacy after cold war and post war periodsa. Adoption of French diplomacy by other nationsb. Introduction of advanced communication and technologyc. Emergence of new agendasd. Many parties are involved in diplomatic process7. Modern diplomacy 8. Challenges facing modern diplomacy a. Social demandsb. Domestic agenciesc. Expansion of new foreign policies9. Modern diplomacy and technology10. French diplomacy and modern diplomacy 11. Conclusion 12. Works Cited Berridge, G. R. Diplomacy: Theory and Practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2002. Print. Bolewski, Wilfried. Diplomacy and International Law in Globalized Relations. Berlin: Springer, 2007. Print. Klavins, Didzis. Understanding the Essence of Modern Diplomacy. The ICD Annual Academic Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2011: Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations. New Actors. New Initiatives. New Targets. Berlin, December 15th-18th, 2011. PDF file. Kurizaki, Shuhei. The Logic of Diplomacy in International Disputes. Diss. 2007. Print. Singh, Nau N. Diplomacy for the 21st Century. New Delhi: Mittal Publications, 2002. Print.