French Mousse the People in an Urban Area

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However, there are opportunities for French Mousse in the sense that, if the people of France accept it and the product becomes a success in the food market, then it can expand in other areas besides Franthe. The biggest threat of French Mousse is the consumer spending on food. People of France had shown less interest in spending money on food and beverages, besides there is a probability that a certain retailer can sell fake French Mousse in the market t. This can negatively affect the willingness to purchase French Mousse. For advertising French Mousse radio will be used as the third medium. The reason for choosing radio as promote national media is that it offers the opportunity to make a big splash around an area. Since French Mousse will enter France, thus the most cost-effective method to promote French Mousse will be through the radio. One radio station had been chosen for advertising in France which is France Inter. The estimated cost of radio advertising is estimated as 2376 USD in a year. Sampling is the major type of business–to–consumer promotion used for many products. For the promotion of French Mousse, sampling method will be used. The different retailers will be provided the samples of the product i.e. French Mousse. If they prefer the product then they will gladly sell the French Mousse in their respective cafés or restaurants. If the product is successful in certain cafés or restaurants, then it can influence the other retailers to keep French Mousse in their stock. For example, in ‘Brittany’ of France total 5000 samples will be provided in various restaurants, cafes, and others for brand promotion. The total cost of a free sample in Brittany is estimated as 5000 × 2.10 (estimated production cost of French Mousse) = 10500 USD. The samples will be given in around 20 places in France. Therefore, the budget for sampling will be 10500 × 20 = 210000 USD in the first year.