Free Speech on College Campuses

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Speech codes have been implementedin an attempt to protect others from verbal abuse, however, this is a clear violation of the First Amendment and distances society further from the problems that lead to the culminate hatred towards the individuals who are often subjected to hate speech. Issue of speech code can clearly be seen in environments such as public schools as there are people from numerous backgrounds who have different views and opinions. Hence, this raises the question whether it would be suitable to give college students total freedom of speech without affecting the education system, There are also other rights that have to be protected such as the fourteen amendments that were implemented to give every citizen equal protection. There are differences in freedom of speech in different countries. For example, China does not provide total freedom of speech and some media sources are actually banned from the country. China feels that restrictions in this aspect enable better control over the population. Hence, one must assess the two extremes and derive a conclusion about whether it is advantageous or detrimental to give college students total freedom of speech. The human speech represents and expresses an individual’s views in terms of morality and opinion. These are both subjective factors that can vary immensely among individuals. An example can be made of Irvine’s 11 that made a stand against the refusal of Orsen to acknowledge that he had committed crimes against humanity. These individuals were arrested, and the school insisted that it would implement the appropriate disciplinary measures. Hence, in this aspect, there is also the consideration of who the freedom affects and benefits. Clearly, the students expressed their opinion and showed no resistance or abusive behavior, however, should such stands be permitted in a college environment which has numerous questionable regulations? As mentioned above, college students are from many different backgrounds and sharedifferent views and opinions that may be extremely offensive to others and undermine their equality and dignity as human beings.