Four Proposals And One Paper Needed

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Instructions:1.The paper must be between 1000 and 1400 words2.Write a proposal for each A, B,C and D topics(each proposal only need one paragraph, the example I upload below).3.Choose one of the indicated topics.4.Include a word countat the beginning of your paper.5.You can only allowed use textbook sources(no outside source).Topics:(A) Advance an objection to the Against Taxation and Imprisonment argument (ch. 7)(B) Advance an objection to the Modified FLO Argument (ch.8)(C) Advance an objection to the Argument from Fred’s Puppies (ch. 9)(D) Advance an objection to the Trolley Argument oradvance an argument of your own against act utilitarianism (ch. 10)(BELOW IS THE FILES THAT CONTAIN TEXTBOOK, PROPOSAL EXAMPLE, PLAGIARISM INFORMATION FORM AND COMMON WRITING MISTAKES.)17/05/202040english