Four Cohorts Among Dutifuls Boomers Gen Xers and DotNets

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In the next sub-chapter we will discuss why dutifuls voted more. Presumably, this tendency could be connected to the dutifuls’ generation sense of duty, order, and dignity, caused by events of World War II. Simply, they felt themselves responsible for the dignity and honor of the country. From the harsh times of war, people of this generation have got accustomed to identify their destiny and lifestyle with a direction of government. Therefore, it is clear that dutifuls wanted to change this direction of the American government, trying to influence the direction of ruling in terms of democratic regime.
From the other side, individually some of dutiful were not strong enough for behave themselves in their own manner, that is why they needed government and ways of propaganda’s for helping themselves to define their own categories and style in life, social as well as personal one. Thus, dutifuls needed their political choices for their own identity. trying to define their own political choice, they had their own lives more defined. that is why they were so active politically. 3 In this sub-chapter we will discuss why ‘Xers’ are so cinical. Presumably, these people, born in period between 1965 and 1976, needed to overcome economical and foreign policy’ failures, and therefore they were so cinical, as a compensative attitude of their psycho-physiological organisms to really hard times. Being grew up in troubles and difficulties, they instinctively wanted to overcome these attitudes and relationships in themselves in an assistance of outer world, or social reality. these troubles, which were embodied in them, forced them to overwhelm them even in outer world. From the other perspective, their cinical reaction has also different connotations: they were not afraid of real life, with its pros and cons, like, for example, Dot-Nets, and their