Foundations of Change Management

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It is argued that one of the fundamental questions which organisations often counter is the fact that how organisations shall respond to the external as well as internal challenges. The response to the changes basically distinguishes a good company from an excellent company therefore in order to strategically manage and grow a company, it is critical that firms must tailor their responses carefully to the internal and external challenges in order to effectively manage change ( Staudenmayer et. al. 2002).This report will basically attempt to present set of analysis and tools through which Les Gourmands can overcome its most emerging problems by clearly identifying key issues in different functional areas of the firm besides offering clear recommendations as to what may be done in order to identify the biggest problems which organisation may face in future.The external analysis of the firm will be performed by using PESTLE analysis that includes political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental forces.For example,United Kingdom’s political environment is a multiparty political system and is one of the oldest constitutional monarchies in the world. The political environment in the country is one of the strongest and stable political systems in the world. The legislative power is vested into the two houses of parliaments whereas executive power is being exercised by the government which is lead by Prime Minister of the country who is elected through popular vote.The recent war on terrorism however is one of the most critical factors which are considered as one of the valid threats to the political stability within the country. UK’s role in this war is very well known and the incidents like 7/7 particularly indicate the vulnerability of the country to the terrorist attacks.