Formation of Israel Experiences of minority populations of the region before during and after the formation of Israel Effects of the formation of Israel o

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They also managed to conquer other substantial territories which had been allocated to the Palestinians. The minority groups were highly affected by the wars which were going on and some of them lost their lives as well as their cultural identities.
The Jewish armies became victorious and they conquered most of the areas in that region. However Israel was invaded by five Arab armies soon after its declaration but it was very prepared and thus it succeeded in crushing the pockets of the resistance. (Israel Ministry of foreign affairs 2006)
Israel is a country which is located in the south western part of Asia and in the northern part it is bounded by the country of Lebanon and also Syria and Jordan borders the country in the east. Israel is also bordered by the Gulf of Aqaba and Egypt as well as the Mediterranean Sea borders it on the western part. Many of the Jewish populants in Palestine started several revolts against the roman occupation of the area on the Gaza strip and also the west bank.
However most of then were killed and the rest of them were dispersed to various parts of the Diaspora. The Palestinians were also Hellenized such that many churches were built around the sites which were holy to the Christians after Christianity was adapted as the official Roman Empire religion in the 14th century.
After the collapse of the Roman Empire in th…
A conquest of the entire area buy the Muslim Arabs followed.
This was then followed by several European crusades in an attempt to recover the holy land as referred to by the Christians from the Muslims. (Israel Ministry of foreign affairs 2006)
The initial crusade was however very successful as it captured the city of Jerusalem and also in the establishment of a Christian kingdom which lasted a whole century before it fell to the Egyptian sultans. Later on, Palestine was captured by the Turks from ottoman and it then became a part of the Ottoman Empire for a period of four centuries. (Aloni 2001)
There was an emergence of the Zionist movement and it was advocating for the re-establishment of the homeland for the Jews in Palestine which also served as a refuge for the Jews who were prosecuted in Europe. The first Zionist congress was then organized in Basel and it publicized the Jewish claims to Palestine where a large number of the Jews had begun settling.
During the First World War turkey was at war with France and Britain thus plans were made on the division of the Ottoman Empire where Palestine was to be on the British territory. So at to encourage the Jewish support on the war a leading Zionist from Britain established a Balfour declaration which stated that the government of Britain was in favor of the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people. Palestine was placed under the British administration on a mandate from the League of Nations. (Israel Ministry of foreign affairs 2006)
However the Jews continued to migrate and conflict sprout with the resident Arabs and this further led to communal violence that was very severe in the environs of Jerusalem. The Jews