Forensic Accounting Case Study

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Carefully follow the instructions in file “Forensic Accounting CaseStudy1.pdf” as well as the data provided in the additional exhibits. Exhibit 2 has been transformed into an excel file. I have analyzed the data in a few different ways and I have attached it to the question. I need a 1-1.5 page memorandum answering the case study questions located in the “Forensic Accounting CaseStudy1.pdf” file. I have also included a sample version of a memorandum so you can understand how it should be written. Thank you.ForensicAccountingCaseStudy1.pdfForensicAccountingCaseStudy2.pdfForensicAccountingCaseStudy3.pdfMemorandum5.7Example.docxForensicAccounting1stEditionbyRobertRufus.pdfa.JPGAA.JPGDeloitteCase1Exhibit2Project.xlsxIMG-20190621-WA0000.jpegPosted: 8 months agoDue: 21/06/2019Budget: $30Tags: accounting Answers 1Michelle Malk4.9 (144)4.9 (3k )ChatANSWERAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratings8 months agoPurchase the answer to view itMemo.edited4……..docxD_DeloitteCase1Exhibit2Project_Analysis.xlsxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $30Bids 64Michelle MalkNatural science guruANN HARRISMukul5078Reem HasanProf.MacQueenRESPECT WRITERDr. Isaacmathsimhmd.fJessica LuisTerry RobertsperfectoDR.SAMUELSONkite_solAsad UllahBusiness WriterChrisProfMiss Lynnjuliusmu33Urgent TutorRey writerwizard kimAngelina MayDr Candice_2547All Works solverbrilliant answerskim woodsKATHERINE BECKSwork solutionskristine tutoransRohanRasWriterWendy Lewisbennetsandovaprof avrilMalik TutorMegan TillmanJenny BoomDr_Aabirah_786Miss ProfessorASAPsolutionK_FAM SOLUTIONSDexterMastersnadia tutorBill_WilliamsGoodwriterDrNicNgaoAdrian Monroephyllis youngMagic SolutionsDoctor Okumuquality work for allSara Waynesuniversity workDr shamille Clarasarapaul2013KIBBZMORIAPh.D A Grade00000PLAGIARISMProff work phd wangang_aimtrqhasibEmily Michaelproffessor linahOther questions 10two helpA Answers of the following Questionssystem of equations: x y=4 x-y=-7 A Answers of the following QuestionsA Answers of the following Questions(Mberiah Only) LOG302: Inventory ManagementMACROECON CLASSA Answers of the following Questions20 MCQ'sSee DescriptionRated 1 times4 Pages Financial Analysis4 Pages Financial AnalysisRufus textbook Chapter 5 Appendix 5-A (Green Mountain Case)(Please see attached PDF)Green Mountain, now known as Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is a leader in …21/06/201930businessfinance