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I consider venturing into any activity that builds up my indispensable qualities as a business economist. The activities and qualities that are illustrated by this document manifest the degree of pursuance of my career. I developed an exceptionally strong interest in Business Economics which I made a decision to major in during my further education. Born in a middle class family where my parents gathered a lot of effort to raise me up, I quickly inferred the need for finance from this experience. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention, and so I got interested in economics. My father’s insufficient knowledge and skills in financial control were my earliest cues to pursue economics to professional level. He ran a small business for selling fashion clothes, food factory – selling deep-fried flour sticks and grilled potatoes. His investment performed poorly in the stock markets during the financial crisis (downturn). Then his investment failed totally not long after. Key knowledge learnt here was about microeconomics and macroeconomics. I learnt how the limited knowledge on these fields impacted negatively my father’s investments. …
I also worked as an Exhibition promoter at Adecco Company where I learnt how culture affects the buying patterns. I developed strong communications skills during my work as an exhibition promoter. Before I joined the Adecco Company, I had gone for an internship at China Resource Vanguard Co. Ltd where I carried out database building and management while also doing research for the market. Prior to Adecco Company, I participated in several volunteer works while at Anza College. I volunteer for International Student Volunteer (ISV) where I helped and counseled senior students. I learnt, by dealing with the students, the skills of interacting with people both of my age and my seniors. I volunteered for Red Cross where I helped in planting of trees in the green society project and in packing food and other materials for the needs. As a volunteer in running for a Concession Stand in Flea in Flea Market at De Ana College, I learnt the skills of being a leader, organizing and managing teamwork. At St. Joan of Arc Secondary School, I volunteered to teach the handicap to do easy jobs. I also participated in selling flats for volunteer organizations to raise funds. At St. Joan of Arc Secondary School, I volunteered to teach children in the underdeveloped country to learn Basic English and Chinese. In addition, I counseled senior citizens about finance, housing and daily life. I have participated in several student organizations and activities. First, at De Anza College, I took part in the President of Japanese Cultural Club (JCC) with lots of interest. I learnt about Japanese culture, I was a member of track and field varsity for sports activities. a member of cross cultural partners (CCP)