For a patient with a traumatic physical injury will regenerative medicine using the extracellular matrix technique as compared to surgical repair and reconstruction increase patient recovery outcome improve function and maintain esthetics

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This occurs when the body is wounded as a result of an object piercing the body. The result of penetrating trauma is an open wound on the victim. Physical trauma can also be as a result of controlled injury. Controlled injury refers to the reconstructive process of the physical trauma patient through procedures like surgery which can be a cause of physical trauma (Tedeschi, Tedeschi, &amp. Eckert, 1977, 645-650).
Trauma patients are at a great risk of losing their lives because of numerous reasons. One such reason is the fact that a trauma patient loses a lot of blood and the result of this is shock. The greater the amount of blood lost, the greater the shock and the greater the risk of death for the patient. Another reason why trauma patients are at risk of death is the fact that the wounds that they suffer or the injuries which are open make them prone to infections and since bacteria can easily infiltrate the body due to its high vulnerability at the time. Multiple organ dysfunction syndromes can also be a reason or can pose the risk of death on patients because some organs may experience inflammation which can hinder the flow of blood in the body or worse still, can be punctured thus rendering it dysfunctional at the time.
However, medical research has helped increase the survival chances of trauma patients especially immediately after an incident. This is because practitioners have designed care tips that help contain the damage of the wounds that trauma patients have. The body’s psychological response to trauma has been the basis on which these care tips have been developed on. The research has helped practitioners to make advances in fluid resuscitation in trauma patients. This ensures that the trauma patient is receiving ample supply of oxygen in every part of their body and also that the lost fluids are replaced. The research has also helped the practitioners to develop different ways of cleaning wounds on different