Fool Again

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He laments that he has been tricked the second time, but cannot face the group and confront them. As a way of getting rid of the shame, he walks alone in the streets while onlookers turn to stare at him. He looks devastated and confused. He feels empty, lonely but lacks the courage to join the group.
Finally, the group approaches the fool still lamenting. He accepts to join them in the vehicle and feels appreciated. Together they sing that it was difficult to comprehend the future occurrences. Moreover, the boy acted like a coward for he was not able to face his colleagues, though he desired to belong. Thus, the video ends when the five boys become a group and appreciate the nerd. He smiles as the others join him to sing, Fool again. They hence form a strong bond of five boys, ready to tackle the obstacles that face them as a group. Therefore, the fool is able to transform after being approached and embraced by the group of gangsters (Miller, Vandome amp. John, 42).