Food and Drug Administration Decision on Cloned Animal Meat and Dairy Products

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umption of cloned animal meat products, debate as to whether or not the FDA should reconsider its decision to legally allow the selling of cloned animal meat throughout the U.S. market arises. With regards to the people who against FDA’s decision on cloned animal meat, a large number of people including the U.S. Senate and Congress made some necessary legal actions to stop the FDA from publicly announcing that it is safe to consider cloned animal meat and dairy products for human food consumption and suggest that there should be more studies that has to be conducted to ensure the health and safety of the people.Upon analyzing the point-of-view of selected author(s) of peer-reviewed journals and the journalist of a news report with regards to the cloning of animals for food purposes, valid clinical reasons behind the need to consider FDA’s approval on cloned animal meat will be provided to persuade the readers on why we should give support with such a major decision on food products.The study behind the health and safety of cloned animal products is not new to genetic engineering experts who have spent almost two decades studying the possibile health impact of cloned animal meat and dairy products on human beings. (Juskevich Guyer, 1990) Given that the cloning technology used in the production of cloned animal meat and milk is new to millions of peoplea round the world, it is unavoidable that many people would go against the decision made by the FDA with regards to the approval of selected cloned animal meat and milk products.The pilot study that was conducted by Tian et al. (2005)i revealed that there is really no significant different between the composition of meat and milk that comes from somatic animal clones and the ones that come from the traditional meat and milk supply that are available in the market today. Likewise, the same information was recently reported by Kondro (2008) and Walker et al. (2007)ii who made a comparison with regards to the