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You are a first-year Human Resource Specialist at “State of Estates” estate planning firm.Norman is the mid-level manager responsible for the southern regional office.The following events have recently occurred in Norman’s office:Ken, an estate planner in Norman’s office, recently adopted a baby with his wife.He applied for 12-week family leave, but was denied by Norman because his wife did not physically give birth.The corporate human resource department (where you work) was not given notice of this decision.June, part of the full-time housekeeping staff, has been asking other employees if they would like to join a union.There are currently no unions within the organization.Maria is concerned about ladders that are placed around the office for remodeling.Norman said not to worry, and that there are no official policies for safety in an office setting.Prepare a 3- to 5-minute video or 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes responding to Norman from a Human Resource standpoint.The video or presentation should address the following topics:An overview of the FMLA and its key provisions relating to Ken.Recommended resolution for Ken’s situation (both for Ken as an employee and as a company handling these requests moving forward).An overview of key labor laws to briefly educate Norman on employee rights in unionizing.A brief discussion of OSHA and possible application to Norman’s office setting.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Individual Assignment: FMLA, Labor Laws, and OSHAPurpose of AssignmentThis assignment requires students to demonstrate an understanding of FMLA, Labor Laws, and OSHA as applied to three brief scenarios. Students may prepare a training video or a Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation in response to the questions presented.PLEASE DO ASSIGNMENT in the order listed in the Grading Guide below: Content Met Partially Met Not Met Comments: The student provides an overview of the FMLA and key provisions of the law that relate to Ken. The student recommends a resolution for Ken and the company moving forward to avoid this type of confusion with the FMLA. The student provides a overview of key labor laws to educate Norman on employee rights to form a union. The student includes a brief discussion of OSHA and key provisions of OSHA that might apply to Norman’s office setting. The video is 3 to 4 minutes OR the presentation is 15 to 20 slides. The student’s video/presentation includes relevant media and visual aids that are consistent with the content. Total Available Total Earned 70 #/70 Writing Guidelines Met Partially Met Not Met Comments: Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically. Rules of grammar and usage are followed including spelling and punctuation. Total Available Total Earned 30 #/30 Assignment Total # 100 #/100 Additional comments: