First Draft Summary / Response Essay

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First Draft: Summary / Response EssayA Note on Grading and Feedback for First DraftsPlease note that you will not receive written feedback from me on the essay’s first draft (you will get written feedback on the essay’s revision). The purpose of the first draft is not to get feedback; instead, the first draft serves as a checkpoint in this crucial stage of the writing process. Writing a draft ensures that you can produce your best writing when you work on the revision. Consequently, the first draft will be graded complete / incomplete.If you have any questions at all about your essay, please ask me.Due DateSubmit your first draft to this assignment space as a Word document by 11:59pm Monday, 5/18. If you don’t have Word on your computer, you can access it on the Office 365 account given to you by the college.FormatFormat your essay using MLA style guidelines in 12-point type, use Times New Roman font, and use MLA citations. We will review MLA citations and MLA essay formatting next week, but you can read more about MLA style on pages 548-96 of our textbook. Try your best with MLA format on this first draft — we will discuss MLA soon (MLA won’t affect your grade on this draft).Length700-1000 words (MLA headings and works cited lists are excluded from the word count)PurposeThe assignment calls for you to use critical reading and writing skills. These skills are necessary for conducting academic research and other professional research. The ability to comprehend information and assess the merits of its presentation is important in all professions.Assignment GuidelinesYou must offer a summary of and response to David Byrne’s “Eliminating the Human.”(Links to an external site.) Your task is to accurately present Byrne’s argument and support. Then you must offer your critical response to his argument. Do you agree with him? Why or why not? (It is possible to partially agree with someone.)Conduct some research using the internet or the library’s databases, and draw on at least one outside source to support your response (you may use more than one outside source). Doing a bit of research should help broaden your perspective on the topic and bolster the substance of your response.Follow the guidelines for constructing your Summary / Response on pages 33-44 in your textbook. Make sure your essay draft includes the following elements (see pages 42-43): a clearly identified author and title a concise summary of the text an explicit response support for your responseUse the organizational strategy on page 44 listed as “[Summary, followed by a response].” Organize your essay as follows:Paragraph 1: Introduce the text and summarize it in one 5-8 sentence paragraph.Paragraph 2: State your thesis (this is the thesis or main point of your response, and this paragraph will likely be short, maybe a single sentence).Paragraphs 3, 4, 5 (or More): Respond to the text: what it says, how it’s written, and/or how you react. Your response should consist of at least three (3) body paragraphs, and each of these body paragraphs should be 5-8 sentences. Incorporate at least one outside source in one or more of these response paragraphs.Concluding Paragraph: Conclude by summing up your response and its implications.Essay ChecklistContent Accurate interpretation and summary of Byrne’s article Accurate interpretation and incorporation of source texts Thesis that makes a precise claim Direct quotations and examples from sources Conclusion that sums up the response and its implications to your audience (your audience consists of other students in this class)Body Paragraphs Unified and cohesive paragraphs Topic sentences (precise and limiting sub-claims) Logical transitions between paragraphs Concise sentences free from grammar and punctuation errorsFormat 12-point type Times New Roman (or equivalent) MLA format (heading, parenthetical quotations, works cited page) Relevant title (you must craft a title that succinctly indicates the content of your essay) Indent the first line of each paragraph Left-justified (do not center or right-justify your text)A Few Writing Resources You May Find UsefulQuotation tips: to an external site.)Purdue Owl (grammar/MLA/general writing tips): to an external site.)Title punctuation: