Fired Cia Employee Scenario

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English. Order No 122799 FIRED CIA EMPLOYEE SCENARIO. By Tina Kerr. Question One. I am the Supervisor of agent Mary McCarthy who has confessed to leaking classified information to the media and I have been asked to assess her situation and determine the best course of action. I must critically analyze each possible course of action and decide which the best course of action to take is. By thinking critically about each factor I can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of firing McCarthy and reach an educated decision.

As Goss has determined, The damage has been very severe to our capabilities to carry out our mission. (qtd. in Shrader) This is a very important factor to consider, as it means that McCarthy has caused damage to the agency and can no longer be fully trusted. It could be an advantage to the agency to dismiss her as it will protect the agency from any further leaks from McCarthy. Another reason I can find for firing McCarthy is the fact that her action broke the agreement of secrecy required by any agent of the CIA. (Shrader,) Again, this means that McCarthy cannot be trusted. however this may not be reason enough to dismiss her.

A disadvantage of firing McCarthy is that the media will most likely support McCarthy as it is favorable for the media to take the side of someone who is apparently being fired unfairly. Also, the President may not agree as his interests don’t always agree with those of the CIA, according to Senator Menendez. (Shrader) In order to avoid opposition from the president and from the media I feel it might be best to place McCarthy under probation and if it is found she is not to be trusted I will have a solid reason to dismiss McCarthy.

Question Two.
I failed one polygraph test and now my job is on the line. (Shrader) I’m sure they want to fire me. I need to gather my thoughts together and analyze this situation. I’ve already confessed the leak and that could work in my favor. I also need to determine what reasons the agency may have for firing me and not firing me and act accordingly. By thinking critically I can examine reasons for and against my dismissal and determine what to do.

There are several reasons for firing me. Some of these are: the fact that my action was a violation of the secrecy act, they may no longer feel they can trust me and my actions damaged the agency. Reasons for not firing me would be: the fact that agents aren’t usually dismissed for such reasons, the reaction of the media and the president may disagree. (Shrader) The article won a Pulitzer Prize. therefore the media would support me. I can use this to argue my case, as well as the fact that the President may not like it. (Shrader) Both of these reasons can be beneficial for me.

What I need to do is negotiate. I could offer to be demoted to a lower position, or even offer to be put on probation. The disadvantage of being demoted is that I would have to work my way up again. Also, it would appear that I am desperate. Probation, however would allow me to keep my position and prove my worth again as an agent. It will allow the agency to discipline me without dismissing me. I will suggest this to my supervisor and, hopefully, she will agree as long as I am convincing in my arguments.

Shrader, Katherine. CIA Fires Analyst for Alleged Press Leak. Yahoo News, 2006. 27 April 2006