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The Triple Bottom Line Elkington developed the Triple Bottom Line in 1994. The objective of developing the TBL was to provide a base for evaluating company performance and accountability. The TBL comprises of three parts, which are financial, environmental and social factors. The 3P (people, planet, profit) concept arose from the TBL and emphasizes on the necessity of ensuring people’s activities meant for profit-making guarantee planet sustainability (Henriques 22). SunChips is one of the fast growing brands popular for their strict adherence to the TBL concept. The TBL is directly applicable to the company’s overall strategy of achieving financial success while providing shareholder value and maintaining focus on environmental sustainability. Additionally, the TBL rhymes to the company’s mission of producing financial rewards to investors in addition to growth and development opportunities for employees, business partners and communities. The SunChips brand of Frito-Lay concentrates on sustainability as the fundamental driver of their business strategy. The company uses environmentally-friendly production and transportation methods in order to minimize harm to the planet. The Modesto, California plant, for example, has adopted an environmentally-friendly ways of cooking sun chips. The plant currently uses solar panels to generate energy for cooking chips. The company has implemented sustainable methods of reclaiming waste water and managing other production wastes. These include a 36-acre solar filled for reclaiming water and a biomass boiler for proper solid waste product management. Frito-Lay is proud of SunChips brand for being a snack characterized by environmental friendliness. The company strives to ensure that the consumer walks away with the knowledge that each SunChips product is produced using the most environmentally sustainable methods. Thus, the Triple Bottom Line rhymes with the overall strategy of SunChips and it creates a value for the company and the product. Work CitedHenriques, A. The Triple Bottom Line. New York: Lea and Blanchard. 2013. Print.