Financial Analysis of BAE Systems Plc Cadbury Schweppes Plc Pearson Plc Standard Chartered plc

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There were a few months of uncertainty when BAE acquired Alvis in 2004. But the financial results of the last two years would suggest that the merger had been a success. The sales revenue for the year 2006 is $24,150 million, which is a growth of 27.4%. Its net income during the same period is a whopping $3,209 million leading to net income growth for the year of 236%. With a workforce that is nearly 80,000 strong – one that is growing at a rate of 6.8% each year, BAE Systems Plc. should be on top of the list for potential investors. The numbers for the year 2006 mentioned above follow a gradual but positive growth in the precedent years.Taking a long term view of the financials does not deviate from this impression. From the days of Royal Ordnance Plc in 1987, the company has come a long way. One of the highpoints in this successful journey is the formation of Airbus SAS in 2001, where BAE Systems holds 20% of shares. The conferring of three Queens Awards for Enterprise must surely be a testimony to the stature of BAE in the defense contractors industry.The company is run by a highly competent group of individuals. Leading at the top is Chairman Richard L. Olver, whose experience in the industry is second to none. On the executive side, Michael J. Turner presides as the Chief Executive Officer and Ian King as the Chief Operations Officer. Both men have useful domain experience and have been star performers over the years. The management team has been quite successful in staying ahead of the competition in recent years. Given that some of the competitors are General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman make the achievement so much more impressive. So these reasons make an investment in BAE Systems a lucrative opportunity.Several reports have shown the superior processes adopted by BAE Systems that make their operations one of the most efficient in the industry. This efficiency has contributed to the firm’s profitability, growth, and value over the years.