Finance crisis

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The history was documented in various forms which later communicated with the succeeding civilisation and revealed the history. With the roll of time various means of communication were discovered and put to use by man. In the present age which is driven by technology, it provides more than one means of communication that makes communication all the more easy and dynamic in nature. Besides, newspapers, magazines, journals, television, the moving pictures are also a means of communication which could be used by the communication for far reaching consequences. One of the many forms of moving pictures use for communication is the documentaries. According to the words of International Documentary Association, a documentary is a form of moving pictures which is non-fictitious in nature and which is primarily used for documenting reality. The audio and visual elements make documentaries even more appealing and add credibility to the document that it features. In the present technology driven age it is one of the most important and popular means of communication with a larger appeal. …
e entire world economy during 2008 and beyond took shape from an economy which was known as one of the most stabilized economies and peaceful land among the world economies. According to Keynes (1936) the smooth flowing world economy was destabilized during the late 2000s and such a scenario was seen in Iceland for the very first time and even in the world. Krugman (2008) explains economic crisis is one the retarding factors that have pulled down the steep growth of the world economy including the subsequent growth of the smaller economies which have gained a new impetus in the growth of their economies. Kothari (2010) defines economic crisis as a collection of varied circumstances that results in the huge loss of the nominal value of their financial assets. He further explains that an organisation or a company has a number of stakeholders who are directly or indirectly related to the organisation or company through a financial relation. An economic crisis turns a company into a dried well of financial resources and a result the stakeholders of the company even suffers through immense lack of financial resources. According to the observations of Kothari (2010) the economic crisis faced by the entire world has turned a disturbingly huge number of people jobless and thus penniless. People all over the world lost their jobs while others bargained for the job in exchange of one of the most meager sum of money. As more and more people turned jobless the chaos and panic regarding being jobless seemed to engulf them over a long time. He further elucidated the different kinds of economic crisis. Firstly it is the banking crisis where the depositors of the respective banks immediately ask for returning their deposited money. The bank faces a crisis over the availability of the