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Group projectYou and your group will need to do the following for the group project assignment. The project will consist of a word write-up, excel documents, and power point. All three should tie together and will likely overlap. I will assign the groups at the beginning of the course as well as the companies.ExcelA ratio analysis looking at all fourareas. You should ideally show a sequential, industry and company comparison (Comparable company 1-year). Along with the numbers should be some verbal comments on what you see and optimally, why this trend may be happening.A 5-year cash-flow forecast for the firm based on assumptions you make. Show your calculations and state your assumptions! You need to show a W.A.C.C. to start and arrive at a present value based on the 5 years, W.A.C.C., and terminal value.Lastly, show a second form of valuation other than the discounted cash flow methodology. PowerpointPresentation via power point by your group. All participate! Be prepared to verbally discuss what you discovered about the firm and how you think they have been doing, and may be doing in the future.  Maximize 10 slides not including intro and summary page. Word write-upA minimum 4-page word summary of the findings from the analysis. Some background  on the firm: what industry do they compete in? What challenges do they have?  Political? Regulatory? Economical? Who are competitors? You are verbalizing what trends you see happening, what assumptions you made for a 5-year forecast, how does the present value compare to the current value? Give your group’s opinion and why you believe what you do based on the numbers.Group work: Start on this immediately as the semester will be busy and will progress fast. Decide who does what, create deadlines, ask for help from me, and remember that a 20% weight for the project will from your peers in the group. Some things you probably cannot begin on until we cover the material but you certainly can be working on it as the semester progresses. I need a hard copy of the project before the class starts. Late submissions from the group will lose 50% of the grade regardless of the situation. Ask around, I will mark it down.