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Final ExamJava Object Oriented Programming Instructions: Answer the questions with the best answer provided.  This exam should be completed independently.  Please do not seek answers from other students. The questions are multiple chose and fill in the blank. When you complete the exam save the file as LASTNAME_FinalExam.doc. Email the file to when complete. Submission Deadline: You have until 1159PM on 5/12/2020 to submit the exam for a full grade. 1. The following could be considered a category of objects. This entity defines all of the common properties of the object that belong to it:a. Stackb. Classc. Pointerd. Queue2. A class consists of the following elements:a. Graphs and Treesb. Heap and stacksc. Variables and methodsd. Integers and strings3. A programming deliverable should contain what minimum number of classes:a. 1b. 2c. 3d. 44. There are two memory structures within the Java Virtual Machine that deal with objects and methods.  There are the stack and the heap.  The heap runs a process that removes unused or orphaned memory called: A. TreeB. ConstructorC. Garage CollectorD. Binary Sort 5. Given the list of items below, which data structure process the top data element by pushing the data element onto or popping the data element off the upper position of the data structure:A. StackB. QueueC. ArrayD. Destructor6. Suppose that you write a new class. If you do not specifically write a constructor for the class, the compiler will provide one by default:A. TRUEB. FALSE7. Suppose that you what to iterate through each data element of an array. What control statement would best accomplish this task:A. If-then-elseB. For C. SwitchD. Do-while8. Which of the following are proper categories of data structures?A. Linear/Non-linearB. Tall/shortC. Primitive/DynamicD. Static/Non-static9. Linked lists are data structures that can occupy non-contiguous space in memory. What mechanism in the data structure permits one node to locate its adjacent node?A. ClassB. ObjectC. PointerD. Heap10. Write a code that will iterate through an Array.  The code should determine the length of the array and then display (println) each element of the array. Assume the array is integer array.11. Suppose that a program is written and needs to be debugged.  If the errors of the application need to be recorded for troubleshooting, which of the following is the best statement to execute:a. Java < logifile.txtb. Java 2