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o that it can make enough adverts, employ sales representatives all over the segment markets, and train the existing ones on how best to market the company. Finances cater for logistical activities for personnel and in shipping goods. Alternatively, finances can be used to venture into new regions, set up new stores, run promotions, sponsor events, promote community well being, but with the aim of attracting customers who in the long run can purchase what the company offers. The marketing department is a very important part in any organization. How well it is treated determines the level of returns. Finances can be used to carry out research on products, customers’ preferences, and their willingness to use the company’s platform to purchase their goods.
Since is an online marketing company, it requires heavy financing to collaborate with the banking sector that can link customers’ bank accounts to the site when placing an order. They have to make sure it is safe and reliable to use such platforms. Financing makes it possible for to acquire products from publishers and manufacturers in cases where there is no credit.
Marketing plays a critical role in promoting the company’s brand. If people are talking about the company in a good way, it is a possible indicator that the marketing department is effectively performing its role. An increase in the number of customers who visit the company’s site and place successful orders is a true indicator that the marketing department has convinced people on why they should chose and not any other company. An increase in customer flow results to increase in sales volume that translates into profits. If the company makes good profits than are higher than those of the previous season, then definitely the marketing department has played its role nicely.
Expansion of the business is an indicator that there are more customers willing to use its services. By venturing into new markets,