Final Strategic Plan of JDs Way of Life

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The company will provide the customers with an excellent environment so that they can complete purchasing free from disturbance or interruption. The company maintains broad mission of establishing a friendly, comfortable and accessible environment carrying thousands of big and small items for the customers belonging to divergent racial, ethnic, religious, age and gender groups so that the individuals can make buying for themselves, their spouses, parents, children, and friends. Hence, JD’s Way of Life would serve as an incredibly dazzling, lavish and luxurious point for the public to visit or request an order through the internet or over the phone to buy the items for personal, domestic or business purposes.

Furthermore, the company would establish a market research department within its setup in order to have a permanent eye on the transformations and developments being made in the corporate sector at local, national and international scales. It will prove imperatively beneficial and advantageous with respect to revising the corporate policies of the company in the same lines as the changes will be taking place in the entire corporate sector. As a result, the company will appear to be the trend-setter in healthcare products, body items, fashion and design, professional tools and techniques and other items of daily use. The company will offer its services 24/7, and the customers would be able to place orders any time according to their convenience and requirement.

Establishment of the strategic board for caring, safeguarding and promoting the core values of the customers belonging to different groups and communities is also included in the business plans of JD’s Way of Life. The company aims to provide extra benefits to its permanent customers by offering discount packages on some specific number of visits as well as on making some particular range of purchasing.&nbsp.