Final project

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ective, this statement entails the improvement of social and cultural aspects of Terra Haute County by launching projects that preserve the environmental and by implementing apprenticeship programs that help prepare the young citizens in their future job applications.
Looking at THDC’s organizational structure, its top management is comprised of senior planners and partner investors. Its middle management is made up of managers who lead THDC’s various business functions such as sales, marketing, and engineering.
While THDC’s long-term and short-term corporate plans seem strategic, implementable, and results-driven, certain issues have arisen as regards its organizational development. Looking closely at the OD structure of THDC, it can be claimed that: (1) manpower pooling to fill in its sales department is relatively weak. (2) lack of competency development measures on middle management employees. (3) organizational unity and oneness has not been formed yet given the diversity of mindsets on the company’s culture and vision.
Having a strong OD structure can influence the attainment of objectives set by any organization. Examining the current manpower pooling program at THDC, it seems obvious that the company emphasizes more on enriching its current business partnerships than investing in HR programs that encourage external job applications.
Reviewing briefly the organization’s line up of offerings, it can be claimed that there is logic to this move. For one, THDC emphasizes on providing available commercial and industrial properties to business investors. The Vigo County Industrial Park, for example, features a 500-acre site with a functional underground power service, and ready-to-go services such as natural gas, sanitary sewer, potable water and fiber optic system (Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation, 2013). In addition to this, the Fort Harrison Business Park has greenfield sites that could be developed for new industrial