Final paper 410

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Most important amongst the strategies is the continued exploitation of the emerging markets that has given the chance to benefit from the increasing healthcare spending from these countries, and specifically targeting Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Research and development has also been a primary factor towards this growth and has contributed in retaining the competitive advantage. The company has also improved its healthcare sector margins to about 16.7% through cost reduction activities benefits like existing from the low Margi product and headcount reduction.
General Electronics has been structured into six distinct divisions. Every division is designed a specific product category. The six divisions include Healthcare, Aviation, Home &amp. Business solutions, Energy, Capital and Transportation. Besides these six divisions, GE has specially devoted to the Global operations and growth. It is this division that was responsible for all the sales made by the company outside the United States. This sales division is very special for the future of the company. Jeffrey Immelt, the GE’s CEO, expect that other countries besides the USA will bring in more than 60% of the total sales globally. The company has been divided into a further twelve geographical regions to ensure that it becomes successful in its global marketing and sales campaigns: South East Asia, India, China, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Germany, Middle East, Russia, Latin/ South America and Japan. The company hired one of the best minds to head the global operations (John Rice).
GE Healthcare planned to spend $500 million between the years 2010 and 2020 in research into neurological disorders. The investment is targeted at the healthcare global business and specializes in neurological diagnostic solutions, expanding the ongoing research and educating the consumers. The target area of research include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder,