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text book : Holdsworth, Clare, Nissa Finney, Alan Marshall, and Paul Norman. 2013. Population and Society. Thousand Oaks: Sage.ISBN: 9781412900652This paper will be in three parts, with a minimum of 5 pages. Please do not go over 20 pages. All papers should be typed with font 12, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margin on each side. All page numbers should be printed on the bottom center area. If you include a cover page and/or a reference page, they do not count toward the 5 minimum pages of the paper.An electronic copy of this paper is due by 11:59pm, Sunday, May 10, 2020. The paper must be uploaded at Blackboard Assignment folder in order to be graded. The paper receives an automatic 0 if any of the following situations applies:Emailed paperPaper submitted as hard copySubmitted as an image file or scanned imagesNot submitted to the Assignment folder by the deadlineThe primary goal of this paper is to analyze a current event that addresses“population issues” using sociological concepts and theories acquired from thisclass. Start thinking early, focusing on a specific topic of your choice, for examples, rural poverty, educational attainment, diversity, etc.Part I: Choose and then describe a current event relevant to “population and society” (1-2 page(s)A current event refers to something that is happening in the world at present, for example, more and more people choose to live alone, emergence of non-traditional families, adult children return to live with parents during the financial crisis, etc. Describe this current event in one page. This current event can be based upon your personal observation or a report from the mass media. If you use what has been reported in the mass media, you must properly cite the source from which you get your report. This is an upper division Sociology course and I expectproper ASA citations in the paper.Part II: Analyzing the Current Event (3 – 4 pages)Concepts and theory requirementThe most important thing is how you apply sociological concepts and theories to analyze an event that addresses population issues. A paper that is purely base upon your personal opinion does not fulfill this essential requirement. You will need to use at least 8sociological concepts and 1 theory in the analysis. For all the sociological concepts that are included in the paper to fulfill the requirement, they have to be defined first, provided with in-text citation, and then applied in the analysis. Since it is a sociology course, we’llbe using ASA formatting ONLY.Here is an example using ASA formatting. Please use your textbook as the ONLY source of reference. Any definition from outside sources, for example, online dictionaries will receive “0” points for this step.Example: define “household”Household is defined as the “basic units of living arrangements in most societies, usually formed around the nuclear family group” (Holdsworth et al. 2013:123). In subsequent FF citations, you can simplify multiple authors using this format: (Holdsworth et al. 2013:123).If a concept is used in the paper without definition and/or in-text citation, you have NOT fulfilled the requirement.Data requirementYou are required to submit a paper that profiles, or makes reference to a nation and/or select state/city/census block on this topic using data published by the Census Bureau ( and/or other peer reviewed data bases, for example, World Bank Development Indicators: do not use Wikipedia as source of reference. This project provides you an opportunity to use numbers to support your argument and to further develop critical thinking skills.Part III: Conclusion (1 page). Please also include reference entry after the conclusion.Blackboard similarity score report and procedures for incidences of plagiarismOnce you have submitted the paper in the assignment folder, both you and the instructor will receive a copy of similarity score report.Any similarity score in between 33-50% receives a penalty of 50% point-deduction. For example, if your paper grade is 78%, only 39% is counted toward the final grade.Any similarity score between 51-80% will receive an automatic F for the final paper (0 points toward the final grade) and a report will be submitted to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services (SCCR).Any similarity score between 81-100% will receive an automatic F for the whole courseand a report will be submitted to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services (SCCR). Please note, in ASA formatting, if there are four or more authors, you can use “et al.” even it is the first time this citationappears in the article. If there are three or fewer authors, you have to list ALL last names of the authors, for example (Smith, Brown, and Li 2014:123), or (Smith and Brown 2014:123).JIANG SOC3810-001 Syllabus10/05/202022history