Final assessment for implement operational plan bsbflm405b

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In this project we are going to target all the international students that have a Bachelor Degree in accounting and 3 years of working experience in accounting. The main functional group of this project is the new students having Bachelor Degree.The mission of this project is to provide the international students the facility of higher education. We will act on behalf of the students while dealing with the University and the Australian high commission in getting the visa. In this way the student have to do less effort and their overall process of admission will be easier. The vision of this project is to make sure student visa requirements are met for pursuing the MBA program. Here we will also make sure that the students also have the facilities of the finances for the course fees along with the accommodation.In this project we have to make sure that the overall project can be handled and managed on the time. In this way we will be able to complete the project before the ending date of the admission in the Universities of the Australia. We have to concentrate on the legal areas of the visa processing and financial strength of the students.The main initiative of our agency is to enhance the overall market value and get a better competitive edge in the international immigration. We have established a vision to support and provide better and on time facilities for the Business Visa, Working Visa, Skilled Migration Visa, etc. The aim of our agency is to provide students the better platform for online admission for their higher studies. The agency has settled a business scope and it is established that now it will target international students by providing assistance in applying for a student visa. In this project we have established a project that will facilitate in organizing applications of student visas for a group of international students.Now I will talk about the