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TRAVEL SUPREMEMiguel FigueroaApril 7th, 2020Columbia Southern UniversityIntroductionTravel Supreme organization is an organization that mainly focus on offering travelling services to their clients. The company assist their clients with travel planning of vacation as well as events planning. Customers are currently doing their own vacations but the company trust that there are more services that the organization can offer to their customers other than the vacation travel services. The travel services that the company believes are still in demand are reservation booking, time scheduling, communication services, car rentals, selling travel services and products in the place of suppliers. The company also believes that they may offer travel wedding, engagement, and honeymoon events for their clients. The company has its mission to offer the best quality service s to their clients. The vision of the company is to attract more customers to work with them in achieving their mission. The core value of the company is honesty. Market research strategiesThere several marketing strategies that Travel Supreme is planning to use so that understand the target market, competition, industry as well as understand the ways of generating more profit. The company focus on using the cost effective services (LEYVA et al., 2018). Supreme company wants to attract more clients to their organization and want to perform best that their competitors and hence the organization provide service with prices less than the prices of the customer (LEYVA et al., 2018).The other marketing strategy that the organization is planning to focus on is the internet marketing. The organization has open a social media platform pages whereby they advertise their services that they are planning to offer to the customer’s at the most affordable prices (LEYVA et al., 2018). The company has opened a Facebook page that is called Travel Supreme Company. The company also have an Instagram page that is called ‘travelwithsupreme’ (LEYVA et al., 2018).There company has a website whereby they allow their customers to ask for services through the online platform without having to physically coming to the organization (LEYVA et al., 2018). The social media platform is for offering the organization with a direct link with the clients such that they understand the client’s needs (LEYVA et al., 2018). The company also have rating that at the moment it has gone up to 4stars which motivate those online new clients on using their services. The other marketing strategy that the organization is planning to focus on so as to generate more income and work best than their competitors include the branding services (Kingsnorth, 2019).All their means of transport and the products offered in the organization have the organization brand name on it such that anyone who will access it will know that the company offered travel services to their clients (Kingsnorth, 2019).They also have a photography section for their client whereby the pictures are branded by the organization name. The organization is also planning to organize a meeting for all the clients and the best clients that has frequently used their services will be awarded with a car that will be branded with the company name (Kingsnorth, 2019).The company will also use word mouth advertising. The organization has employed individuals who will do a door to door marketing of services to the potential clients. The company has generated a pamphlet that has the services that the organization is offering and a way to reach the organization incase thy want services offered by the organization. The pamphlet also has the discount that the company is offering to the customers and the conditions for an individual to receive the discounted services (Kotler & Keller, 2016).PEST AnalysisThis pest analysis is aimed at assisting the organization to make concrete decisions to advance the organization macro environment. The factors that make up supreme PEST analysis will include the Political, Economic, and Social along with Technology. When the organization put its focus on these macro considerations then it will be in a position to improve and maintain it marketing position in the market. Political: Most political issues impact the way in which Travel supreme organization operate (LEYVA et al., 2018). The political factors might make the organization to yield minimal profits due to diverse issues that may restrict them from carrying out operations (LEYVA et al., 2018). The travel market is expecting that the government incentives concerning the removal of the travel bands along with westernization of nations is also expected and that might affect the travel company.  However, some of the government relations have impacted the organization in a positive way and also in a negative way (LEYVA et al., 2018). The government has implanted some restriction policies concerning traveling without travel teams and hence the travel company are free to carry out the travel and vacations services for their clients (Government of Canada, 2016)Economic: the economic factors that may impact the Travel Supreme incorporate tax rates, growth along with price changes (LEYVA et al., 2018). All the factors will influence the profit in the organization and will assist it to achieve customer loyalty (LEYVA et al., 2018). In the recession period that slows down the client spending on the luxurious items along with trips given by the organization will be at the moment be seen as luxury (International Trade Administration, 2018).Social: Lifestyle trends and culture greatly impact social factors. Travel Supreme will focus on the trends to that will improve customer experience and we will respond to customer concerns within less than 24 hours. We will also comment immediately with a personalized response of customer images with our hashtags. Customers will be provided with details of their trip immediately after purchase with full itineraries and the expected weather conditions while they are there. Technological: We currently live in an era of superior technological advances. The travel industry is known for innovative techniques and offering customers with unique experiences. Airplanes assist in helping customers arrive to their destination in no time. Travel Supreme will seek to establish a partnership with major air carriers in the future and other timely means of transportation (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019)ReferencesChaffey, D., & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019).Digital marketing. Pearson UK.Government of Canada. July 16, (2016). Guide to Market Research and Analysis. Retrieved from: Trade Administration. (2018). The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the United States. Retrieved from:, P., & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing management [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (15th ed.). Retrieved from, S. (2019).Digital marketing strategy: an integrated approach to online marketing. Kogan Page Publishers.LEYVA, M., HECHAVARRIA, J., BATISTA, N., ALARCON, J. A., & GOMEZ, O. (2018). A framework for PEST analysis based on fuzzy decision maps.Revista ESPACIOS,39(16).