Fighting for Four Freedoms and the Cold War and the United States

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Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade Inserts Here (Day, Month, Year) FIGHTING FOR FOUR FREEDOMS AND THE COLD WAR AND UNITED STATES The Four Freedom theme was derived from the 1941 State of the Unoin Addressby United States President Franklin Roosevelt delivered to the 77th United States Congress. His speech identified four essential Human rights i.e. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear which should serve as the basis of motivation for the US. This theme was incorporated into the Atlantic Charter. These four freedoms are just like any of human’s basic needs. Peace is far better tool rather than war. The cold war was a hostile rivalry between the US and Soviet Union which started from 1940’s and continued till the Soviet Union broke in 1991.The main reasons of the Cold war was the difference of ideologies. Soviet union which was basically a communist country was ruled by a dictator .this idea was not appreciated by the Americans. Both the nations believed that the other would harm the other nation beliefs. Stalin wanted other countries to come forward to help protect the Soviet Union from being invaded again on the other hand, US and Britain were worried that most of the areas of Eastern Europe were falling under Soviet Union. So lack of trust weakened these nations and they fell apart. Who was responsible for this Cold war? Some blame America some USSR. America tried to show their power and attacked Japan with an atom bomb which was very harmful for the upcoming of generations. During the reign of Eisenhower, most of the population wanted to live a luxurious life.It was a period of prosperity and most of the people started purchasing material things which did not happen ever before. Consequently, Eisenhower put forward the idea that the government should come forward and help in building roads and highways that were to connect to the suburbs. Due to this the Highway act came into being. In return, the government established more industries, shops, malls which lead to the expansion of the job opportunities and lead to economic development. (Causes of the Cold War) Reference Causes of the Cold War, Online, Web, 2011.