Fifa world cup for soccer 2022 in qatar

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Even though severe criticisms were appearing in the Western media, the Asian people, especially the people in the Middle East welcomed the decision and they are witnessing it as an opportunity to demonstrate the abilities of Asian countries in conducting international events. Most of the global sports events were earlier confined within the boundaries of America or Europe earlier. However, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Delhi commonwealth games have shown the Westerners that the Asian countries are as good as the American or European countries in hosting international events. I strongly believe that the FIFA did a fair job by allocating the 2022 world cup to Qatar and in this paper, I argue in favour of 2022 Qatar world cup. Bains (2009) has pointed out the opinions of Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and argued in favour of the Qatar world cup. Qatar Emir sees sport as a central part of the emirate’s transformation into a modern economy, along with the development of education, medicine, and science and technology centres (Bains). World cup football may attract lot of foreign investments to Qatar. The economy of Qatar will develop immensely because of the infrastructure development for World cup football events. Lots of hotels, stadiums, road and rail like transportation facilities, water supply schemes, hospitals, communication facilities, etc needed to be developed in and around Qatar which will definitely improve the country’s economy in many ways. Moreover foreigners may visit Qatar, bulk in numbers, for watching the football matches and they will spend lot of money in Qatar which will boost the economy of Qatar. The visitors when they go back their home will tell more about the beauty of Qatar to their neighbours which will provoke interest among them to visit Qatar. In short, tourism will improve a lot and the economy will get a definite boosting as a result of conducting a world event like FIFA world cup. Many unemployed people in Qatar will get employment because of FIFA world cup. The infrastructure developments across the city will demand more professionals for different projects and thus unemployment problem can be tackled up to certain extent in Qatar by conducting FIFA world cup. The current world is already divided over issues like religious fundamentalism and terrorism. The war on terror is going on at some places of the world at present. Holding an international event like FIFA world cup will definitely improve the feeling of nationalism and unity among the Qatar people. The people in Qatar may get more confidence in their administrations if the Qatar government is able to conduct the FIFA cup in a successful manner. Another advantage of conducting an FIFA cup is the exposure Qatar people will be able to receive from different cultures. People from different countries may visit Qatar for watching the FIFA cup and the locals may get more awareness about the custom, food habits and culture of the foreigners. Sport is a very prominent social institution in almost every society because it combines the characteristics found in any institution with a unique appeal(Frey amp. Eitzen). Sociologists believe that sports have a definite role in holding a society together.