Field Trip to the Mountain Pleasant Park

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The houses’ design and location in the respective parks and their terms and conditions are part of the central focus of this study. The Victoria Park locates in a serene neighborhood and is always full of activities. Redevelopment of the park took place in 2008 after a successful community consultation process. Initially, the park regarded as Grandview Park until July 26, 1911, when the name changed to Victoria Park because of its bonding street, Victoria Drive. The street took the name after Queen Victoria, who died in 1901. The Victoria Park locates in the City of Vancouver.
The study also focused on the housing and detailed exploration of the Mountain Pleasant Park and its neighborhood. The Mountain Pleasant or the Main Street has several recreational facilities, chic boutiques, late night cafes, and pubs. The locals rate the place as the coolest street. Another area selected for the study was the Laneway houses. The Laneway houses regard as the best place with diverse rental units in the single-family neighborhoods. Granville Island became best lunch stopover with a variety of fresh foods and excellent resting areas. The study focused on obtaining detailed and clear information about Vancouver City neighborhood, their history, area occupation, and the main recreation activities taking place. We prepared a schedule for the trip. The schedule had the names of the places to visit and the respective time to be at that particular place. The schedule had an attachment of the main features we should take into account during the study.
The trip took off at 8 am and according to the schedule, our first stop was a lunch stop at Granville Island. Granville Island is a shopping district in the Vancouver City. It locates across False Creek from Vancouver downtown under the Granville Street Bridge on the southern end.&nbsp.As research revealed, the building under renovation was one of the oldest existing structure in West Mount Pleasant. The houses name took after the four proprietors’ family name. Davis house became the first heritage home to get ultra modern outlook in 1980. The buildings in the area had attractive paintings with transparent glasses as the windows. It holds heritage as housing as history records one of the buildings housing Queen Ann in the 1890s. The timeline of its existence and the bearing of an ultra-modern look is another attractive aspect of the houses.