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As far as product and market destinations are concerned, FedEx is known to offer the second largest civil fleet service across the United States and other Caribbean Islands including Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic (Breiman et al, 2009). There also is FedEx Ground, which is a dedicated courier service for Canada and other North American countries. FedEx also offers customer specification and tailor services including home delivery, custom and insurance provided through FedEx Trade Network, supply chain service, corporate services, print service, as well as FedEx Ship Centers. As a way of ensuring that its products meet customer specification and needs, there is a dedicated FedEx product named FedEx TechConnect, which offers toll free customer support to customers all around the globe. It has been said that through FedEx TechConect, FedEx creates a competitive advantage of learning from within its own rank, why and how it will succeed with its product strategy. Pricing Strategies Pricing has been said to be a very important marketing strategy for the creation of competitive advantage in a globally competing market. …
The price discount on FedEx Ground is one of such popular pricing strategies used by the company to ensure that customers get value for money. What is more, FedEx tries to keep its traditional base cost of service as minimal as possible. For example pick up services are offered by FedEx at a traditional rate of $6 per delivery (Carter, Daniel and Betty, 2006). In relation to key competitors on the American and Canadian market, this traditional cost has been said to be one of the lowest. In addition to the traditional cost offered on pick up services, there is an additional weekly charge of $6 for business locations that make requested pick up services. Placement Strategies In terms of location, FedEx is predominately situated in the United States and Canada. These are where most of its stationery offices are. But thanks to globalization and flight services, this limited placement is not in any way a limitation to the distribution strategy adapted by the company. This is because in its scheme of distribution strategy, the company operates on a borderless strategy whereby it opens up its service to all continents of the world. To make this strategy sustainable, FedEx has an air fleet service dedicated for an inter-continental goods and mail delivery. Even though the company reports of effectiveness with this distribution strategy, experts have said that FedEx could reach a more deepened mileage with its products and services if the company expanded its placement by way of opening more offices and centers across its key regional markets (Icove, Karl and Vonstorch, 2005). It has been suggested for example that the company had continental head quarters, from which it would operate a more decentralized placement strategy. The advantage of such a decentralized placement