FedEx Corporation

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The company realizes the importance of impeccable customer service and has tried to satisfy the needs of its customers in a superior manner. FedEx had, in collaboration with Motorola, developed pocket PC for couriers to enhance customer service (Editors, 2002) FedEx also has a foolproof complaint management system where consumer complaints are speedily handled. Organization CultureFedEx has built a culture wherein every employee is urged to express ideas and strive for excellence (Flaum, 2005). This has ensured that its employees do not become complacent. The company has flourished primarily because of the passion with which FedEx employees serve customers (Smith, 2001). People FirstBarney amp. Wright (1998) over that FedEx works on the philosophy of ‘people-first.’ Fred Smith is a staunch believer of the fact that customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction. FedEx has embraced technology to ensure that customers can track their orders through multiple platforms. Use of technology has enabled the company to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. A case in point is the bar code system generally used in retail stores. FedEx was a pioneer in using the same bar code technology to track packages. Equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, FedEx launched its Critical Inventory Logistics services to enable customers efficiently manage high-value and time-critical inventory (Business Wire, 2012). The new service was targeted at the telecommunications, semiconductor, and biomedical industry.