Federalist and DemocraticRepublican attitudes toward the national government

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Federalist and Democratic-Republican attitudes toward the national government Federalist and Democratic-Republican attitudes toward the national government
Federalist Party was formed by Alexander Hamilton and was known to be rivals with the Democratic Republican Party, which was created, by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The Federalists promoted the financial system, which emphasized on the federal assumption of state debts, a tariff to pay debts, manufacturing, and encouragement of banking. They also believed in a strong central government other than articles of Confederation. They emphasized that a central government would rule over a large empire without changing to absolute monarchy (Joel, 1999 P.90). They perceived a loose interpretation of the constitution through Hamilton exercising taxes and performing the manufacturing act. The Federalists thought a bill of rights was not part of the articles of confederation, expressed fear of unbridled democracy and of the despotic masses.
The Republicans were opposing a strong executive power and Hamilton financial program. Believed in a weak central government and that none of the acts did anything to promote national unity against other countries but played a role in eroding the countrys unity. They believed that a central government covering a large empire would turn into an absolute monarchy. The Republicans emphasized on a strict interpretation of the constitution, and that congress may not pass ant laws. All powers are not granted to the central government and are reserved for the citizens and the state as per the bill of rights amendment. They believed that states can better represent the wishes of the people and expressed fear of strong executive. Republicans also feared for abuse of power and elections were not to be held annually as they were under the confederation. They believed that a bill of rights was necessary to protect the citizens from an oppressive central government.
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