Feat of the Legendary Sacagawea

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Sacagawea’s popularity can be judged by the fact that the United States government even issued the Sacagawea dollar coin in her honor owing to the critically important role she played in the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was frequently employed by the women participating in the Suffrage movement as a genuine symbol of independence, bravery, and fearlessness. Myriad statues and plagues established by the American government in the memory of Sacagawea’s life have helped much in spreading the stories about her great and unforgettable achievements throughout America and around the globe. Considering the amount of help and guidance contributed by Sacagawea, it would not be a hyperbolic statement if it is said that it would definitely have taken the White explorers many years of hard struggle in reaching to the North Western territory peacefully had it not been for the loyalty displayed by Sacagawea. Historians suggest that the way Sacagawea proved herself to be a close ally of the Whites and helped them reach in the core of the North Western area while convincing the local Indian tribes to cooperate with them in every way possible, is truly commendable and saved a lot of bloodshed and wars. Owing to the very short life led by Sacagawea, it is prudent and often necessary to have her life divided into three periods, her early life, contributions made by her in the Lewis and Clark expedition, and later life which includes her death as well.
Though little reliable and authentic historical information can be found about Sacagawea’s early life, all historians agree on the point that she was born into the tribe of Lemhi Shoshone. The story referring to her being kidnapped by some atrocious men from another tribe in her childhood and which led to the murder of many Lemhi Shoshone men, women, and children does not have any authentic source and is largely based on word of mouth. Still, this story has many believers due to which it is considered quite credible presently. It is said that after being kidnapped along with some other young girls her own age, she and others were taken to another village where they were told to live and never look back by the cruel kidnappers.