Fast Food and Healthy Food

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For instance, while we take sodas, hamburgers, pizzas, and fried chicken, each independently relates to risk for obesity, diabetes, or heart disease. In this regard, it is very essential to include fresh farm fruits and vegetables in the diet that is much better from packaged chemical juices. In addition, fast food is a huge factor that causes weight gain and that one of the reasons for huge criticism by dietitians about the fast food, as too much fat can clog arteries and increase weight subsequently (Crocker, pp.7-8).

The word health implies fitness, soundness of the human body or mind and freedom from the abnormality. Being healthy is a far better choice for anyone. however, it is essential for one to have sound information about nutritional choices. Nowadays, fascinating advertisements offer foods with less nutritional values and loaded fats that are not good for health. It is a fact that daily routine depends largely on the food one takes because humans need the energy to work. In particular, fast foods are high in sugar, sodium, and fat. Each of these substances can cause health problems. As a result, one should always go for home-cooked food that contains balanced nutritional values, and everyone should have a daily walk routine before commencing the day. In conclusion, healthy food can be the best decision to acquire a healthy lifestyle (Turck, pp.45).