Fashion trends

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The research Fashion trends identifies and analyzes the basic scopes of their targeted customers. The research design drew from the theme of the products the students intended to sell. Before the commencement of the research, the students analyzed the theme context of the prospective products. The analysis encompassed several dimensions. Firstly, there was an identification of the types of products to sellable to the target customers. The second dimension encompassed the designation criterion of the product to suit the customer’s taste. The third dimension encompasses identification of the price standards for the designs. Finally, there is the dimension of presumed product’s lifecycle within the supply chain. Therefore, in setting the product’s theme, identification, analysis and description of the target customers is critical for the business before initiating the intervention. Having established the study theme for the product, and with sufficient literature reviewed on the fashion trends in the entire country with special emphasis on the city of London, the students the researchable question becomes known. From the foregoing sequences of events in the fashion and apparel industry, the researchable problem statement becomes: How can there be an enhanced reach-up among the youths bracket customers with fashion and design trends in London? The research employed a wide range of methods in data collection. The methods differed according to convenience, region and information required.