Fashion thinking

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SInfluencers are individuals who have the credibility and social visibility to influence the opinions, attitudes, and/or purchasing behaviors of consumers. Sustainable Fashion Influencers are important in building awareness of fashion sustainability and bringing attention to sustainable fashion brands. Some influencers use social media as a platform to reach consumers.This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to explore and seek out sustainable fashion influencers utilizing Instagram. Successful completion of this assignment will be worth 5 extra credit points. Find a sustainable fashion influencer on Instagram. A quick google search can provide you with several lists of acceptable influencers, but if you already know of some influencers, that is great! Scroll through their Instagram posts, looking at their photos and captions. In a 200-300 word paragraph, introduce the influencer you’ve found (name, Instagram username, if they represent a particular company, what they stand for generally) and identify the aspects of sustainability the influencer is particularly interested in (i.e. environmental, social, cultural, economic, zero-waste, upcycling, fair wages, labor laws, cultural appropriation, well-being, inclusion, etc.). Provide screenshots of 3-5 sample posts by the influencer that show examples of how the influencer promotes the aspects of sustainability you’ve identified.12/05/202010english