Fashion and Celebrities in time of Modernism

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Task FASHION AND CELEBRITIES IN TIMES OF MODERNISM FASHION AND CELEBRITIES IN TIMES OF MODERNISM Introduction Modernism was a crucialart and fashion during the first two decades of 20th century. It encompasses overthrowing the old, conservative and traditional ways of expression. We can say modernism is the search of purity in expressing oneself in an attempt of getting the next big move. This is directly related to the world of fashion, as it is easy to associate this concept of destruction, the raw edging. The reverse line of stitching, asymmetric silhouette along with combining the up to date state-of-art technology to generate anything that is not the run of the mill (Jonathan, 2011, p. 102). It can be termed as it incarnates by the fashion designs of Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli among others who are the very original fashion designers that utilized the modern technology in experimentation and fashion design. They are all the forefront warriors in modernism in the world of fashion. These individuals used artistic elements derived from their travels to non-European countries in North Africa and Western Asia.Paul Poiret and Madeleine Vionnet share the tribute for liberating women from their corsets. Swan bill, S-bend, or health corset was designed to ease pressure on the diaphragm and stomach and take the shape of the natural figure of the body of a female. Gibson, an American graphic artist designed the Gibson Girl hair style that was an ideal description of the gorgeous, autonomous American woman at the twist of the 20th century (Aaron, 2005, p.132). A little boy kneeling down visualizes Gibson Girls magnifying him under a pair of lens, like an insect. Mariano Fortuny designed a Delphos Gown which was a finely pleated silk dress. Modernism at the same time has to do with futuristic, which is always connected with streamline and simplicity. One of the famous artist in the modernism faction was Pablo Picasso‘s cubism and futuristic. This is best demonstrated by the revolutionary fore-front leader in fashion, Paul Poiret with his illustrious lampshade dress in the year 1992 that depicted the best impression of modernism in fashion with simple lines and vivid color (Jessica, 2012, p.83). Geometric patterns are among the common elements that can be seen in modernism. The space-age modern giant Pierre Cardin, in his design that combined esthetic strong lines and geometric shapes that were simple and remarkable, best illustrates these modern patterns. His style was simple, straight forward and emphasized some minimalism of ornament.Modernism has persistently inspired fashion in a different era (Elizabeth, 2007, p.48). Oscar de la Renta in the year 2012 designed the spring, where he applied the sense of modernism and created a very straightforward to the eyes collection. It entails clean lines details that are simple with embedded streamlined silhouette. Hemaintained palette relatively simple, in classic bold primary colors and lots of black and white.It is so fresh in its color and print, a collection that can easily be related to the inspiration of modernism, such as that of Picasso’s Femme assise Devant la fenêtre.The importance in Modernism is not selectively on using flat colors, but also the balancing within the surface. Looking at the innocent collection from Prada’s Fall 2011, it used a twist of color, where one can read the discipline ofMondrian’s style.BibliographyAaron J. 2005. Modernism and the Culture of Celebrity Volume 13. Cambridge University Press.Elizabeth P. 2007. Art for Arts Sake: Aestheticism in Victorian Painting. Yale University Press.Jessica B. 2012. Cold Modernism: Literature, Fashion, Art. Penn State Press.Jonathan G. 2011. Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity. University of Texas Press.