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DUE 12/18/19I. Answer four (4) of the following six essays. Be sure to address the question posed. 2.5 PAGES DOUBLE SPACED EACH QUESTION. No citations needed, just answer the questions. “Nothing but the Clouds Unchanged: Artists in WWI Edited by Gordon Hughes and Philipp Blom” for question that related to class work. This is the book we discussed in class. It’s about artwork in WWI in Europe. Focus on European art and use this book as reference since it’s relevant.A.  The cultural impact of World War One was profound and widespread. Many veterans of the war were artists whose experiences on the front influenced their artwork in the post war years.  Using specific examples show how the First World War was portrayed in the works of the German artists we discussed. What techniques did they employ to capture the horrors of WWI and its aftermath?B.  Two of the most significant literary works concerning WWI were Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front and Ernst Juenger’s Storm of Steel. Although both authors were German, their description of the war and their response to the war differed greatly. Compare and contrast these two works.C. Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms is, perhaps, the best known American novel of WWI. How does Hemingway react to the war, how does he treat the theme of love in a time of war, the contrast between life affirming and death confirming imagery?D. Youngsters were very often exploited in the course of WWI.  How were youth portrayed in the relevant stories and poems we read and discussed in class?E. The First World War in the Middle East is an aspect of the conflict that is sometimes overlooked, but with lasting consequences to this very day.  Discuss the importance of T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”), the Sykes- Picot Agreement and the Armenian Genocide in that regard.F. Several poets that we read and discussed underwent a profound change in attitude toward the Great War from initial enthusiasm to disappointment and disillusionment having served on the Western Front. Using relevant examples discuss their reactions to trench warfare, loss of life and nationalism in specific poems.II.  Briefly identify five of the following six concepts or personalities. Keep it short and simple, just 3-5 lines each. Focus on above section more.1. Expressionism2. dhimmitude3. Gen. Allenby4. Chaim Weitzman5. “stab in the back”6. David Lloyd George