Factors for the Cross Cultural Research and Surveying in International Marketing Research

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Global trends of political and economic liberalization have created tremendous business opportunities as well as challenges for global marketers. The information has been considered to be a key component in developing successful marketing from global opportunities and meeting the challenges by avoiding marketing blunders. Information can be either acquired through research or bought from trusted research vendors. Entering into a new foreign market is one of the most daunting and ambiguous marketing strategic decisions that needs careful and intensive market research so as to assess the opportunities to specific market information for decisions regarding product, promotion, distribution, and pricing, etc. Ember and Ember (2009) stated that the term cross-cultural refers to any kind of comparison between different cultures. The cross-cultural research focuses on systematic comparisons that aim to answer the questions about the incidence, distribution, and causes of cultural variances (p. 2). The cross-cultural researchers usually apply standards principles of scientific methods and research design, with the help of random or other sampling methods that are assumed to be unbiased, reliable, and dependable so that others can replicate the results (Ember and Ember, 2009, p. 3).Cross-cultural research has been a significant part of the anthropological discipline in which researchers have worked with different people of different cultural and social settings mainly by using ethnography for the data collection (Liamputtong, 2008, p. 3). Entering into a new country remains to be a marketing challenge because, different countries have different cultures and social backgrounds therefore it is imperative that researchers increasingly need to ensure that their work should be conducted ethically and considering the cultural norms as well.While conducting cross-cultural marketing research, there are various issues that researchers are to consider and make necessary arrangements so as to solve the issues.