Factors Caused Diabetes And Its Symptoms

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The United States spent 98 billion dollars providing health services to patients with diabetes suffering from blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage, all characteristic symptoms of the disease. This 98 billion dollar amounts to $10,071 per capita, compared to the per capita cost of $2,699 on individuals without diabetes. In that same year, nearly 14 million days of hospital stay were caused by diabetes and over thirty million physician office visits were related in some way to diabetes (Mathur).
In 2007 alone, nearly 1.6 million people were diagnosed with the disease, and, given the prevailing trends, that rate is probably going to increase through the future. Rates are increasing due to several factors such as an aging population, a growing population of more susceptible populations (like Hispanics), and a general increase in sedentary and overweight lifestyles among Americans. People can develop diabetes at any age but are more susceptible at an elevated age. The most susceptible are arguably those who are older or live sedentary lifestyles and are overweight. Diabetes poses a significant threat to these individuals and the rise of such lifestyles in the modern world parallels the rising prevalence of diabetes in populations (HSPH). Diabetes accompanies obesity because of insulin resistance, which is related directly to weight. Insulin resistance makes eating more to acquire the same amount of energy necessary.
In their book, Obesity and Diabetes, Anthony H. Barnett and Sudhesh Kumar compile experts’ opinions on the relationship between obesity/sedentary lifestyles with the disease. The book begins with a very general introduction to the topic of obesity in general and then works on the topic of diabetes by relating it to the massive epidemic.