Facebook and Twitter

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The purpose of Twitter is almost similar to that of Facebook. The main purpose of twitter is simply to create and build relationships among people worldwide. Contents of Facebook include profile, friends, groups, photos, messages, events, subscriptions, and question polls whereas contents of Twitter are small textual messages, tweeting, friends, and followers. As Rosenblatt (2012) points out, as of June 2012, Facebook had more than 955 million active users while Twitter had over 500 million active users. Individuals get more fun in Facebook whereas Twitter is used for more professional matters. It seems that many well known people, politicians, celebrities, and professionals use Twitter whereas young people constitute Facebook’s major participant population. This paper will analyze various aspects of social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in detail. … Often, such sites are helpful for governments and other competitive authorities to know public opinion regarding a particular social issue. As there are millions of active users for these sites, people can easily find new friends. Through online social networks, people get an opportunity to share their life problems with their friends and receive suggestions in an effective way. hence, these sites tend to develop social system. However, online social networks may sometimes contribute to social disintegration and communal riots when people use these sites as a platform to spread their religious sensitive or other wounding thoughts. Furthermore, many studies point that social networking sites waste people’s time and reduce nation’s economic productivity. It is observed that online social networking sites have many negative effects on face-to-face interaction. Nowadays, people are increasingly using these websites to communicate with their friends and relatives. As these sites promote an effective way of communication, people are less likely to spend time for face to face interaction. Certainly, such a situation causes relationship-breaks and eventually people may fail to retain relationships. Basically, human is a social animal and he cannot keep social values unless he interacts with others. Researchers argue that face to face interaction can have a great influence on personality development. hence, over dominance of online social networks may adversely affect the society as a whole. Social networking sites have positive and negative influences on cultural values. These websites are very helpful for a society to spread its cultural values. It also provides people worldwide with a clear view