External Environment of Curry’s

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Opportunities that Curry’s has included those related to the pricing strategy, product placement/launching strategy, preemptive mover advantage and supply chain related advantages. Curry’s current opportunities are determined by a highly competitive environment for consumer electronics and electrical goods (Walters, 1977). Equally well the British market is characterized by a number of other factors including the regulatory environment. In the first place, Curry’s has a very good opportunity in its pricing strategy which is based on market penetration. For instance, Curry’s pricing policy is based on selling many units of a product in the longer term. The opportunity that Curry’s has to penetrate niche market segments across a number of cities in the UK cannot be denied. Its current product launching strategy is associated with making use of niche markets that exist in many parts of Britain. For instance, its recent product launches in Britain were highly successful due to the suddenness and the associated surprise. Customers were caught unawares by these very attractive offers. Thus Curry’s has adopted a strategy of launching products in cities where consumers were little or no used to such windfall bargains before. The net result of this unsatisfied demand is that it presents an opportunity for retail chains like Curry’s to identify and target enormous markets across the country. The company has a still greater advantage in such opportunities as preemptive entry into niche markets. For example, the management of Curry’s has rightly identified the relative weakness of bigger competitors in moving into niche markets before consumers are totally attracted by smaller operators. The recent marketing successes of Curry’s in Europe come from this strategy in which, opportunities for large scale marketing campaigns do not exist. In fact, smaller-scale marketing campaigns like what Curry’s carried out in provincial towns would be ideal.