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Explore the topic of family Explore the topic of family There are events, situation and aspects that have an impact on individual or individuals in a family. Shooting Dad is a reading that looks at the interaction between father and daughter. The daughter has been opposing his father’s lifestyle for almost the whole of her life. Conversely, when she grows up, she discovers she has so much in common with her father. This paper will look at the reading, where I will discuss some aspect that made an impact on me.
The difference between father and daughter is highlighted from the beginning of the story. Her father is a Democrat while she is a Republican. It is astonishing to see how the two are divided along political lines. It goes to the extent of putting up posters of their respective political parties in sections of the house and his father sticking stickers on his car. Moreover, the daughter does not like guns, as opposed to his father who is obsessed with them. She is so deep into art and calm, while his father is stubborn and single minded.
In another occasion, after her father was scolded by her mother for shooting at crows, he claimed shooting is a pastime like apple pie and baseball. This statement means that he could use his gun whenever, however, and whenever he felt like. In addition, the author’s sister has so much in common with his father as she loves guns too. Later on, she realizes she shares some similarities with her father as she comes to terms with his father’s love for artillery. She even wants to go and see his father’s manufactured cannon being launched. She finds out his father is artistic and creative (Vowell, 2001). Though they seemed different at first, they were similar in many ways.
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