Exploratory Data Mining in Behavioral Research

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By the end of the day, the difference between the two groups was significant. On the days that the dog group didn’t have dogs at work, the stress level was the same as the others.
There was no clear difference when it came to organizational support or physiological stress.
3. The limitations of the study
The results obtained could not apply to employees in other companies. It was not clear if the same results would be obtained if it was carried out at night. Finally, the workers had limited time in which to avail themselves for the study.
4. Recommendations made for future research
Further research on the presence of dogs in the workplace should be done. Larger organizations should be the target. The effect of other factors such as tiredness, productivity, and absenteeism on the findings should be investigated.
5. My thoughts about the study
The study was carried out thoroughly but should have been widened to other companies at that same time. The gift that was to be won by one participant was not motivating enough, this is known from the fact that some opted out of the study for being told to leave their dogs at home.