Experince and learning

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The second part will focus on a detailed narration of my experiences in Standard Packprints by highlighting on its main product, intended market, and major operations. The last part will integrate the most important insights that I have gleaned from my experience into my theoretical understanding of operations management.
Operations can be considered the heart of business as it handles the development of the product that is to be offered to the market. Product development, in this regard, involves numerous factors that are critically considered in order to attain the strategic objectives of the business.
With this, it can be claimed that operations is usually comprised of three facets. The first facet is the procurement of raw materials and equipment that are needed for the development of the product. The second facet is the production of the product that is hinged on: (1) operational systems and processes. (2) manpower assigned. and (3) sets of machineries and other equipment used. The last facet is the proper sorting and storage of finished products in the designated warehouses.
In all of these facets, it can be stated that operations as a business function needs appropriate planning and management in order to ensure that all processes and end products conform to strategic objectives that are anchored on cost-effiectiveness and operational excellence. For example, timely check up on the productivity of employees is vital in lessening some problems on manufacturing effectiveness.
Formally set up in 1987 in GOA state of India, Standard Packprints Pvt. Ltd offers highly stable and durable corrugrated boxes that are used in storing and transporting various types of goods. Its primary market is composed of companies that produce cloths, electronic materials, glass wares, pharmaceutical products, and children’s toys. Some of their top clients include Blossom Pharmaceutical Ltd,Centaur Pharmaceutical Ltd,Second Centaur Pharmaceutical Ltd, Dsouza