Experience with Direct Marketing

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I must have made such a list when I responded to a survey about my dog. I received a letter in the mail from the International Veterinary Sciences in Huntington Beach, California. They were advertising their product “Dermaplex” a medicated shampoo for dogs. The letter stated Dermaplex helps soothe dry, flaky irritated skin and contains vitamins A &amp. E and tea tree oil and aloe vera.
My dog Brody, a standard poodle, had at the time dry irritated skin. I knew that tea tree oil and aloe vera were soothing and healing natural medicines from plant sources. So I went to Pet
Smart and found the product. It was not cheap, but that had some appeal to me because at the time I thought that maybe if it costs more it was worth more. I bought the smaller 16 oz. bottle and used it on Brody that day. It worked well, smelled good, and left Brody feeling soft and smelling clean. He also did not scratch himself at all after the shampoo. I was happy with my purchase as a result of direct advertising.